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Laundry Fabric Softener & Sour - Dispenser Systems 

Features and Benefits

ADSOFT is a product designed for addition to the final rinse when laundering to counteract the hardening effect caused by washing and drying textile fibres as well as to neutralise residual alkalinity. Most classes of laundry such as diapers, towels, bed sheets, blankets, shirts, synthetics and woollens become coarse with repeated laundering and this may lead to chafing and irritation of the skin with use.

ADSOFT softens the fabric by applying a minute electrostatic charge to fibres, which causes them to repel each other and fluff up and produce a soft and bulkier feel.

Benefits Include:

  • faster drying as less moisture is retained in the final extract of the laundry process in the washing machine; laundry will dry at a faster rate due to fabric holding less entrapped water
  • Reduced the static charge on synthetics, which causes them to cling
  • Fabrics come from the wash sweet smelling and stay that way when stored away

Instructions for Use

This product is added to the final rinse cycle of the washing machine, either by the electronic dispenser at the precise time, and the exact programmed quantity as directed by your washing program, or by hand through the hopper.

This product is suitable for all fabrics including cottons, poly cottons, visa (Polyester), silk and wool.

For specific recommendations consult your Cleveland Representative for specialist advice.

Absorbent pads such as KYLIES and adsorbent under blankets should not be treated with this product as their absorbency for liquid may be reduced.


Dilution is controlled by the electronic dispenser in accordance to the washing program. These quantities may be varied in order to suit the wash formula required for different wash loads.

As a general guide use approximately 2ml per kilo of laundry.

For specific recommendations consult your Cleveland Representative for specialist advice.  

Packaging and Ordering Information

Unit Product Code
10L Single Unit    LD 1AS.0010
15L Carton (3x5L=15L)    LD 1AS.0013
15L Single Unit    LD 1AS.0015
200L Single Unit    LD 1AS.0200
25L Single Unit    LD 1AS.0025
5L Single Unit    LD 1AS.0005


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Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Pale blue/green
Odour: Pleasant
Foam Properties:    N/A
pH: 4.0 - 5.5
Specific Gravity: 1.055 (for liquid concentrate)

Safety Data

For full health and safety details consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Read and follow all labels and safety directions before using, handling, or storing, this product.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads



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