Food Preparation - Detergent & Sanitiser - Foaming - Liquid
Food Preparation - Detergent & Sanitising Foam - Liquid (Alkaline) 

Features and Benefits

PROFOAM has been designed to produce clinging foam to enable cleaning of food processing plant and buildings.

PROFOAM contains sodium hypochlorite and detergents to sanitise surfaces and equipment as they are cleaned.

PROFOAM is particularly recommended for cleaning overhead and inaccessible equipment by application through a foam generator system.

The foam can be allowed to remain in contact with the surfaces being cleaned for some time before it is cleaned down with potable water.

Instructions for Use

For General Cleaning:

  • Remove all product and packaging materials from the area to be cleaner.
  • PROFOAM will give best results when passed through a foam generator.
  • Adjust the concentration to give clinging foam which evenly coats the surfaces to be cleaned and sanitised.


Available Chlorine Concentrations for Sanitising on Dilution with Water

  • 1 part product diluted to 100 parts 400 ppm available Chlorine
  • 1 part product diluted to 80 parts 500 ppm available Chlorine
  • 1 part product diluted to 60 parts 666 ppm available Chlorine
  • 1 part product diluted to 40 parts 1000 ppm available Chlorine

For Daily Cleaning and Sanitising Walls, Overhead Equipment: 1:60 to 1:80
Use at dilutions of up to 1 part to 60 to 80 parts water
(12.5ml to 17ml of product to 1 litre of water)

Cleaning High Soil Levels or Blood and Fat are Present: 1:40
Use at dilutions of up to 1 part to 40 water
(25ml of product to 1 litre of water)


Packaging and Ordering Information

Unit Product Code
1000L Single Unit    CS 1CS.1000
10L Single Unit    CS 1CS.0610
15L Carton (3x5L=15L)    CS 1CS.0613
15L Single Unit    CS 1CS.0615
200L Single Unit    CS 1CS.0200
25L Single Unit    CS 1CS.0630
5L Single Unit    CS 1CS.0905


AQIS APPROVED - Category 7 Sanitiser/ Detergent (AQIS Approval Expires 19/11/2012)

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Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Pale Yellow Green
Odour: Chlorine
Foam Properties:    High Foaming
pH: 13.9
Specific Gravity: 1.113 (for liquid concentrate)

Safety Data

For full health and safety details consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Read and follow all labels and safety directions before using, handling, or storing, this product.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads



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