Floor Cleaner - Detergent - Neutral, Foaming & Deodoriser (Polished Floors)
Floor Cleaner - Detergent - Neutral, Foaming, Deodoriser & Purfumed (Polished Floors) 

Features and Benefits

EXCELL is a pleasantly perfumed, neutral low foam detergent with good residual deodorising properties which has been specially developed in response to the markets requirement for a product which can be used for cleaning and damp mopping of all types of surfaces and floors, especially those coated with high gloss polishes and finishes.

EXCELL being neutral will not harm or cause failure of these finishes or dull the gloss. Use Assist wherever effective soil removal with gentle action is required. Use on any surface that is not affected by water.

EXCELL is recommended for use in Heath Care Areas where a neutral cleaner is required, care should be exercised when walking on wet floors when cleaning with as they may become slippery.

Instructions for Use

For general cleaning of surfaces including damp mopping of floors use at a dilution of 50ml Excell in each litre of water. Apply by damp mopping or sponging surfaces or a floor scrubbing machine may also be used.


General Use:1:20
Use at dilutions of 1 part to 20 parts water (50 ml of product added to 1 litre of water).

Packaging and Ordering Information

Unit Product Code
10L Single Unit    DE 1EX.0374
15L Carton (3x5L=15L)    DE 1EX.0372
15L Single Unit    DE 1EX.0375
25L Single Unit    DE 1EX.0376
5L Single Unit    DE 1EX.0373


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Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Purple
Odour: Pleasant
Foam Properties:    High Foaming
pH: 6.9 - 7.0
Specific Gravity: 1.055

Safety Data

For full health and safety details consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Read and follow all labels and safety directions before using, handling, or storing, this product.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads



Cleveland Cleaning Supplies Pty Ltd prides is committed to ensuring environmentally sustainability. Please consider your environment and use and dispose of chemicals in accordance with your local regulations and in a responsible manner

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