Car & Truck Detergent - Engine Detailing
Car & Truck Detergent - Engine Detailing 

Features and Benefits

DEGREASER STG has been formulated for the Automobile Industry to enable easy removal of oil and grease from all types of machinery such as car and truck engines and parts.

DEGREASER STG is a water soluble, non flammable and biodegradable

Instructions for Use

  • Rinse with clean water to remove soils.
  • Application by means of pressure washing equipment will enhance the cleaning operation and reduce the cleaning times necessary.
  • DEGREASER STG contains corrosion inhibitors to inhibit corrosion on soft metals and alloys such aluminium.
  • However it is not recommended that alloy parts be subject to prolonged exposure or soaking in strong solutions of DEGREASER STG.


Engine, Vehical Bodies, and Industrial Machinary Detailing: 1:40
For vehical detailling dilute 1 part and up to 40 parts water, depending on the degree of soiling
(25ml DEGREASER STG  to 1 litre of water)  

Packaging and Ordering Information

Unit Product Code
10L Single Unit    CS 1DG.0101
15L Carton (3x5L=15L)    CS 1DG.0103
200L Single Unit    CS 1DG.0104
25L Single Unit    CS 1DG.0102
5L Single Unit    CS 1DG.0100

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Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Pale blue
Odour: Odourless (Practically)
Foam Properties:    N/A
pH: 12 - 12.3
Specific Gravity: 1.08 (for liquid concentrate)

Safety Data

For full health and safety details consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Read and follow all labels and safety directions before using, handling, or storing, this product.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads



The product is Biodegradable, residues discharged to the drain will be fully broken down without subsequent damage to the environment.

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