At Cleveland we go beyond just being a provider of products.  We stand behind our sales by providing exceptional service and we offer several levels of consulting support to ensure you are delivering the best results and providing the best service to your customer.

Inspection & Analysis

Our sales staff provides regular on-site customer visits to ensure your organisation is operating efficiently.  Our staff also provides on-site inspection of your equipment and analysis of your processes. This includes ensuring you are up to date on the latest industry products and solutions. Our field staff can develop program for on site visits that fits into your schedule. 
Our Continuous Service Improvement process focuses on effectively running your sites with as little disruption to staff and management as possible. 

Our onsite visits include the following services:

  • Meet with designated site contact.
  • Carry out checks of all installed dispensers and service them.
  • Test Chemical pH and Temperature on all washers as required for accreditation.
  • Complete a Dispenser Service Report for all Chemical Dispensing Equipment.
  • Complete a Hazard Reporting Form for OH&S.
  • Check Chemical Store for stock levels and stock rotation.
  • Check all MSDS, labels, colour coding, bottles and wall charts are in place.
  • Perform a usage rate review to ensure chemical use meets expected rate.


Our Sales organisation has extensive experience when it comes to servicing facilities that have already met and continue to go through accreditation reviews.  Cleveland offers pre-accreditation inspections to help institutions prepare for their accreditation and will work with you to ensure you continue to maintain this high standard.

Wall Charts, Hygiene Charts and Material Safety Data Sheets

Where requested, Cleveland provides customised wall and hygiene charts that give a clear description of product selection and usage.  Material Safety Data Sheets are also available, on our website or by contacting our Customer Service Centre.

Advanced Consulting

Where you require additional support above and beyond the great complementary service we already provide, Cleveland can partner with you to develop an advanced consulting program.  This is useful for organisations who are moving into a new industry or field and need a partner who understands the regulatory landscape and industry best-practices.