Product Dispensing Equipment 

Cleveland can provide a full range of dispensing equipment including:

  • Soap Dispensers
  • Blend Centres used for dilution in cleaners rooms
  • Laundry Dispensers
  • Dishwashing Dispensers
  • Liquid Washing Up Dispensers

Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial chemical dispensing equipment is supplied “Free on Loan” for customers on a Cleveland contract.

Cleveland predominantly chooses to supply a variety of dispenser brands due to reliability - these include combination of Dema, Hydro and Knight.

Dispensers will be replaced during the life of the contract in response to normal wear and tear to ensure the cost efficiency of your business does not suffer as a result of worn or malfunctioning dispensers. All ongoing dispenser maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Cleveland during the contract period.

On Site Programming

Laundry and kitchen dispensers are programmed free of charge by our Service Technicians or Sales Executives.