Cleveland’s marketing strategy centres on providing tailored solutions and service. While some other companies may offer lower chemical and accessory prices, Cleveland adds value by investigating the many variables between sites and individual needs to ensure the selection of an appropriate product range and a service program.

It is attention to detail and service that has ensured Cleveland’s success within some very highly specialised and detail critical markets such as aged care, hospitality, property management, food processing and healthcare.  Included in our current customer portfolio are “Top 10” hotels, aged care, food processing facilities, as well as market leading restaurants, universities and disabled care centres.

To enhance customer satisfaction and response to problems, in addition to our technical service department, our sales force is trained in the operation and maintenance of dispensing equipment and most market leading washing and dishwashing machines.  We are often the first contact for trouble shooting even when the issue may be machine related as opposed to chemical or dispenser. 

Our in house research and development laboratory has developed many of the chemical products in use today and enables Cleveland to effectively diagnose and advise on often expensive, unidentifiable cleaning related problems such as poor linen wash quality, excessive wear and tear or stained carpet treatment.

We have a national network of our own warehouses and distributors that ensure we are able to service the entire east coast of Australia and Northern Queensland.

Valuable free services for enhancing customer satisfaction.